While 76% of participants expressed a desire to own homes, 42% of them faced obstacles in realising this goal due to insufficient funds for down payments, as reported by over 500 respondents in a CBRE tenant survey. Photo: Matic Zorman / Maison Moderne

While 76% of participants expressed a desire to own homes, 42% of them faced obstacles in realising this goal due to insufficient funds for down payments, as reported by over 500 respondents in a CBRE tenant survey. Photo: Matic Zorman / Maison Moderne

In 2023, single individuals without children constituted the majority of renters in Luxembourg, with typical apartments measuring 85m2 at a cost of €1,537 plus €208 in charges, as per a survey conducted by CBRE.

In Luxembourg’s rental market, 37% of tenants are single individuals, with couples without children close behind at 34%. This is indicated by a CBRE conducted between April and August 2023, which collected feedback from 506 Luxembourg tenants.

Household composition and income dynamics

The report found that single individuals without children constituted the majority, making up 37% of the respondents, closely trailed by couples without children (34%).

A notable 39% of the surveyed households revealed having dual incomes, while 61% relied on a single income. Of the single-income respondents, 46% reported an annual gross income between €40,000 and €80,000. In contrast, dual-income households seemed more affluent, with 45% declaring an annual income exceeding €100,000.

Property preferences and sizes

Apartments were the clear favourite among Luxembourg’s renters, with 76% opting for them. This was followed by studios at 11%, terraced houses and student rooms both at 4%, and detached houses at 5%.

The survey indicated that a substantial 60% of the rented properties in the country ranged between 50m2 and 99m2, averaging at 85m2 in size.

Interestingly, the report found little variation in property size across income brackets: those earning less resided in spaces averaging 76m2, while respondents from the highest income bracket had properties averaging 94m2. Furthermore, about 72% of rented residences were unfurnished, and 28% were furnished, with furnished ones typically being smaller at 74m2 compared to unfurnished ones at 90m2.

Rental costs

The average monthly rental in Luxembourg was found to be approximately €1,497, with additional charges amounting to around €193.

Breaking it down by property type, apartments specifically had an average rent of €1,537 per month, supplemented by €208 in monthly charges.

Rent emerged as a paramount concern for prospective tenants. A significant 87% believed rental pricing to be of utmost importance, marking a 10% rise from the previous year’s findings. CBRE concluded that the ongoing escalation in rent, compounded by inflationary pressures, is likely affecting tenants, making them more sensitive to price fluctuations.

Lease durations

The report stated that the average tenancy period in Luxembourg spanned 3.8 years, with the median duration being 2 years. At the time of the survey, about 25% had stayed in their rental homes for approximately a year, while durations of two and three years were reported by 21% and 13% respectively. Looking forward, tenants anticipated residing in their current rental properties for an added average of 5.2 years, with the median future stay estimated at 3 years.

Tenant priorities and amenities

Beyond the cost of rent, tenants prioritised security (71%), additional charges (69%) and proximity to public transport (63%). When considering premium amenities, 22% of respondents were willing to pay more for a garden. This was closely followed by a terrace at 21%, parking facilities at 15%, and energy efficiency and high-speed internet both at 13%. The survey also mentioned that individuals living in larger complexes showed a tendency to favour additional amenities like leisure areas, fitness rooms and concierge services.


Homeownership remained a sought-after goal in Luxembourg. CBRE’s survey underscored that 76% of renters would ideally have chosen to purchase a home. However, financial constraints posed challenges for many. A notable 42% felt hindered by inadequate funds for a down payment, while another 21% believed they couldn’t manage the monthly mortgage payments.

CBRE is a global real estate brokerage and investment firm, operational in Luxembourg since 2008 and employs a team of around 35 professionals locally.