Average speed radar on A13 launches 1 December

The average speed radar measures the speed between two points Library photo: Shutterstock

The average speed radar measures the speed between two points Library photo: Shutterstock

An average speed radar on the A13 motorway will go live on 1 December after a successful test phase that started in September.

The radar measures the average speed of drivers in the Markusberg tunnel, which is limited to 90km/h for regular vehicles and 70km/h for lorries.

During the test phase, no fines were issued to drivers who were caught speeding. But this will change from 1 December when the radar will become fully operational. The advantage of the system is that drivers cannot simply slow down right ahead of a speed camera but must stick to the limit for the whole stretch between two cameras.

The Markusberg average speed radar marks the second such device in Luxembourg with the first located on the N11 between Waldhof in Gonderange. In the first three months of being operational, the radar caught nearly 1,500 speeding drivers.

Luxembourg introduced fixed speed cameras in 2016. There are currently 24 such devices scattered across the country and they accounted for nearly three quarters of speeding drivers caught between 2016 and June 2020. The others were caught by mobile units and speed cameras at construction sites.

In July this year, the grand duchy added to its arsenal of speed cameras by adding a red light camera at Place de l’Etoile, which captures drivers running the red light at the intersection that crosses paths with the tram. During its first month, the camera caught more than 1,000 offences, including regular speeding tickets.

Last year, 26 people died on Luxembourg’s roads, up from 22 in 2019, even though the overall number of accidents diminished by 20%--although the March to May pandemic lockdown could be behind this decrease.

Speeding and driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol were among the leading causes of fatal and serious accidents, most of which happened in the summer and in good weather conditions.