Bach & the organ Gavin Evans

Bach & the organ Gavin Evans

It is easy to play any musical instrument,» Johann Sebastian Bach once said mischievously. «Just press the right key at the right time and the instrument will itself!»

Do you find this hard to believe? Then let American organist Cameron Carpenter demonstrate it for you this month at the Philharmonie. With his panache, extravagant outfits and explosive body language, he proves at each of his concerts that the king of instruments still has a bright future ahead indeed, and his recital on 15.05 will be no exception to that rule.

In this face-to-face encounter with the great Schuke organ of the Philharmonie, Cameron will not only honour the timeless repertoire of the German composer, but will also strive to give us a sense of what his presence must have felt like on stage back in his day. With hist two hands and two feet, Cameron will remind us that Bach was also a virtuoso performer, whose energy was so great that it used to mesmerise (frighten even) his peers and the audience alike!

In addition to Bach's original works, Carpenter will perform his own adaptation of the famous Goldberg Variations. Whilst these were originally composed to accompany the sleepless nights of an insomniac aristocrat, no doubt that they will leave the audience more electrified than tired under the fingers of today’s most delightfully unorthodox organist!

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