Barbara Agostino replaces Max Hahn in the Chamber of Deputies

Barbara Agostino (DP) was officially sworn in as a deputy on Tuesday 27 June. Photo: Chambre des députés

Barbara Agostino (DP) was officially sworn in as a deputy on Tuesday 27 June. Photo: Chambre des députés

On Tuesday 27 June, Barbara Agostino, who was elected on the DP list in Pétange, was sworn into the Chamber of Deputies. She succeeds Max Hahn as a member of the DP group.

Max HahnMax Hahn (DP) is now minister for family affairs and integration and minister for the greater region, leaving an empty seat in the DP group in the Chamber of Deputies. Barbara AgostinoBarbara Agostino, founder of the Barbara crèches, fairground worker and DP member for the town of Pétange, took his seat on Tuesday 27 June.

Meeting for a plenary session, MPs witnessed the swearing-in of the entrepreneur-turned-politician. Agostino’s term of office will be short, however, as it will end with the legislative elections on 8 October, which will redistribute the number of seats allocated to the various political parties.

Agostino began her political career in 2011 in Pétange, where she was on the déi Gréng list alongside her wife Tilly MetzTilly Metz. In 2017, she joined the DP, this time as a candidate for Luxembourg City. A year later, she moved to Pétange “following the result of the legislative elections,” as she had obtained “an excellent score in the south.”

The new MP has big ambitions. In an interview last May, she told Delano’s sister publication Paperjam: “My big dream is to become minister for education.”

This story was first published in French on Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.