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Luxair launches beers to promote Luxembourg

The new collection announces the launch of the VisitLuxembourg app and features some of the country’s most famous landmarks.  © Luxair x LFT x Simon_2[85]

The new collection announces the launch of the VisitLuxembourg app and features some of the country’s most famous landmarks.  © Luxair x LFT x Simon_2[85]

To promote Luxembourg to the wider world, national carrier Luxair is collaborating with Luxembourg for Tourism and the Luxembourg brewery Simon on an exclusive beer collection.

Luxembourg, a “touristic wealth”

The launch of the new collection--Luxair had already worked with Brasserie Simon and the Luxembourg artist Sumo on special cans in 2020--celebrates the launch of the new “VisitLuxembourg” app. On this free app, created by Luxembourg For Tourism, users will be able to find “bookings, events, information about local transport,” on one single platform, according to a statement.

By distributing the beer cans to their passengers, Luxair hopes to make visitors more curious about Luxembourg as a travel destination. “Our goal is to connect Luxair passengers, from the moment they land, with the destination. Including business travelers, who--due to time constraints--often cannot take advantage of our country’s wealth,” said Sebastian Reddeker, CEO of Luxembourg for Tourism, in an official press release.

The colourful cans, distributed on-board, will feature three designs representing Luxembourg’s most picturesque views--the Vianden Castle, the Gëlle Fra and the Pont Adolphe--alongside a description of the sites and an invitation to the application.

Proud of its roots

The Luxembourg airline, which saw its numbers of passengers fall over the last two years, works with Simon, a Luxembourg brewery that has existed since 1824 and only uses “local natural raw materials,” in the hope of giving visitors a taste of Luxembourg that will incite them to stay longer.  New ticket categories have also been introduced by the company on 11 October, to accommodate customers’ needs. Travellers can now also choose a cheaper price without check-in luggage.

After nearly two years of unpredictable fluctuations in the tourism industry, Luxair in Tuesday’s statement hinted at more measures to attract European and international visitors. New destinations have already been added to its roster. The  airline did not divulge what else it has planned.