Benoit Mayolini, in his office, i-Hub. Photo : Marie Russillo

Benoit Mayolini, in his office, i-Hub. Photo : Marie Russillo

GDPR – an asset for i-Hub users to build confidence and efficiency

In December 2023, Maison Moderne will celebrate its 30th anniversary. What were you doing in December 1993?

Benoit Mayolini. – «In December 1993, I was just a young child discovering the world, fascinated by American movies and seduced by the staging of action films. Through these films, I discovered American-style storytelling, storyboards and the way to convey messages and values - in short, the art of communication.

What are the communication challenges for i-hub?

Communication issues are important for i-Hub. Indeed, our primary purpose is to promote and present the competitive advantages of our innovative and digital KYC solution to differentiate ourselves from the competition and to position ourselves as a key player in our field of activity. Our outsourced model supported by our experienced KYC teams, our digital tools for enhancing the customer experience in document collection and digital notifications, and our dynamic, real-time solution for capturing the latest information to update our customers' KYC records all contribute to ensure their compliance.

Our entire service offering must be known to our future prospects and must be clearly identified and understood, positioned above the mass of information conveyed every day by the media and social networks. The objectives are twofold: firstly, our assets must be directly assimilated to an answer that i-Hub can provide and, secondly, to open up a reflection on KYC processes optimization to increase the level of efficiency within organisations and fit into today's digital wave.

What does your office look like, and what does it say about you?

My office reflects the way I do things, always in action and boosted by creativity, so post-it notes around my screens, open press articles to identify topics I need to dig into or get inspired by, and business cards to keep track of connections and people I need to contact.

What are the first 3 things you do in the morning when you arrive at work?

3 simple things: say hello to my colleagues and find out if they are ok, turn on my computer, take the temperature of the day's emergencies, prioritize them and then act.

How do you see your digital communication strategy of tomorrow?

i-Hub's digital communication strategy for tomorrow will first of all involve omnichannel marketing to capture a wider and more international audience. It will also involve the creation of an i-Hub community which will be aimed at developing a close relationship between our clients and future prospects interested in technological answers to KYC/CDD issues, the various AML/KYC regulatory developments or the use of digital identities to promote KYC compliance.

This month, the RGPD celebrates its 5th anniversary. As a marketing manager, how have you had to adapt your practices to meet the requirements of the RGPD since its implementation?

GDPR has greatly improved the privacy rights of millions of people inside and outside Europe, but it has not eradicated the worst problems: data brokers are still storing your information and selling it, and the online advertising industry is still rife with potential abuses.

i-Hub is not a reseller of personal data, on the contrary. Our business model uses the personal data of our clients' customers to ensure KYC compliance. Data sharing is possible but it is strictly conditioned on the consent of the end client and its purpose is only to avoid repetition between business relationships of the same end client. Thus we have built a mutualisation model which not only respects the confidentiality of business relationships but whose goal is the satisfaction of end-customers thanks to an improved experience which avoids repetition and which allows their business relationships (banks, insurers, asset managers) thanks to this centralisation, to benefit from continuously updated information. From a marketing point of view, we emphasised the benefits of data sharing but also the transparency of the consequences of sharing as required by the regulation.

As a communications manager, what three pieces of advice can you give to fast-growing companies in terms of communication?

Knowing how to communicate well is essential, so I would recommend a good definition of your positioning, working on your storytelling and knowing how to bounce back on current events.