The summer reception of the British-Luxembourg Society took place on Thursday 29 June, at the residence of British ambassador Fleur Thomas. The event witnessed an impressive turnout of over 150 attendees.

Newly elected BLS president and ambassador warmly welcomed the guests, expressing gratitude for their presence and emphasising the celebration of both British and Luxembourg culture, the group told Delano.

They also acknowledged the society’s significant growth, with membership exceeding 400 individuals from 30 different nationalities. Notably, this diverse membership consists of 40% Luxembourgers, 40% British and 20% other nationalities, the BLS stated.

During the reception, outgoing president Louise Benjamin proposed a toast to King Charles III, while council member Amela Skenderovic delivered a heartfelt Luxembourgish rendition of the toast to Grand Duke Henri.

Looking ahead, an important event on the society’s calendar is the annual Sir Winston Churchill memorial lecture, scheduled for 20 November. The lecture will feature Baroness Hale as the distinguished guest speaker.

Updated, 4 July at 4pm, to correct the date of the event