Expo 2020 Dubai 

Brand awareness at Made in Luxembourg week

Aero-Design custom made furniture for Cargolux @matdouhaire

Aero-Design custom made furniture for Cargolux @matdouhaire

The Made in Luxembourg label allows companies to display the origin of their know-how, helps Luxembourg companies to promote their products and services domestically and abroad. From 31 October to 6 November Expo 2020 Dubai, which expects to attract a total of 25 million visitors, is celebrating Made in Luxembourg week. Here are three of the invited by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce to participate at the event.

Luxlait has been in the dairy business for more than 125 years and its products are made with 100% Luxembourgish high quality milk. In 2020, it won Luxembourg’s Top Brands Award and its products are recognized beyond the national borders. Luxlait is already present in the region, where its UHT Cream and Ayran (a very popular drink in the Middle East) are a success. They are currently introducing lactose-free milk, as this product allegedly meets the expectations of the consumers in the region. “Being present at the Dubai Expo and regularly at the Gulfood in Dubai allows us to develop our network in the entire region. Being in the UAE is also an opportunity for us to meet people from Asia and Africa”, says Gerard Gilles, Luxlait CEO. He finds that Luxembourg and UAE have a lot in common, namely a multicultural population constantly sharing their know-how. Being at the 2020 Expo allows Luxembourg to promote the specialized profiles of its world class companies. The universal exhibition will “draw attention to our brand and perhaps allow visitors to place Luxembourg on the world map”, Gilles adds.

Local unique jewelry 

Fabienne Belnou has been creating unique jewelry since 1993 in Luxembourg. A registered national brand at first, the company became a European brand in 2008 and it recently expanded its activity to Seoul. Being a member of the Made in Luxembourg label gave the brand an international opening for her hand-made jewelry.  The company was asked to attend the 2020 Expo, and as they are constantly seeking to develop the activity outside Luxembourg, Belnou saw it as an opportunity to share her precise know-how within the framework of the universal exhibition. Originally from the Parisian region, Belnou is proud to be one of the local craftmanship ambassadors, as Luxembourg is the country that “adopted” her 30 years ago. She has created two special collections for the fair, that are in tune with the cultural diversities and values of the region. She added extravagant diamonds to the jewelry in the Boom collection and for the Garden collection, she used precious and semi-precious gems from all the colour spectrum on gold frames featuring elements from the animal kingdom, butterflies, birds or flowers. “As a tourist”, she says, “I saw that the women in the region like to wear noticeable, even ostentatious jewelry. I designed these two collections having their lifestyle in mind”.  Belnou says her participation will allow her to gain a batter insight of the local market and perhaps find new distributors, partners or collaborators.

 Fabienne Belnou   Fabienne Belnou

 Fabienne Belnou   Fabienne Belnou

Aero-Design, Upcycling becomes art 

Aero- Design yearned to be a part of the universal exhibition, especially after such a long period of rare occasions to share its know-how due to Covid-19. The company is always seeking to expand its business abroad and even wants to develop its activity in new sectors. AD works mainly in the aviation sector, is known for designing products for Airbus, Dassault Aviation, Luxaviation, the Air Force, the National Navy, SolarStratos, Idelux, Belgian Air Force, Delta TechsOps, Air France, Air Tahiti Nui and has licenses to produce items from Patrouille de France or Air France. The company says it is honored and proud to represent Luxembourg outside its borders, especially as an MIL brand. To them, the MIL label guarantees the quality of the products, their reliability, brings an added value to their image and grants the international advocacy of the local know-how. The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and the MIL label allowed AD to make themselves known and even design Boeing 747 parts for Cargolux.

A great proof of recycling can be seen in the entrance hall of the new Cargolux headquarters, in line with the company’s baseline “Upcycling becomes Art”. AD’s original, high-quality products as well as the company’s 20 years of know-how fits perfectly in the luxurious, original, artistic UAE environment. The company already participated at Abu Dhabi Air show and wishes to launch and develop new products introducing original aircraft parts, a clothing line, leather goods, shoes, jewelry and even a fragrance. “Luxembourg already has a good reputation”, emphasizes Florence Ramioul, associated manager at AD. Its “pavilion with a futuristic design and the topics covered, space and circular economy included, will certainly attract many visitors.” Participating at the MIL week at the 2020 Expo, for which we are extremely thankful to the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and the MIL label, is a great opportunity to showcase our activity and our company, meet new collaborators, conclude new projects and grow our customer network. And who knows? Maybe our next creations will be for an UAE airline!” added Ramioul.