Áine Hearty, IFRS and Capital Markets Leader at EY Luxembourg Photo: EY Luxembourg

Áine Hearty, IFRS and Capital Markets Leader at EY Luxembourg Photo: EY Luxembourg

Whether you apply, audit, interpret, regulate, study, or teach IFRS, the International GAAP® guide provides valuable insights for resolving complex practical issues in global financial reporting. The good news is that it is now available for free, online and offline. Áine Hearty, IFRS and Capital Markets Leader at EY Luxembourg, shares her insights on this premiere.

Promoting clarity and consistency in financial reporting

The comprehensive accounting and financial reporting guidance provided by IGAAP® (IGAAP®) gives professionals clear guidelines on how to handle complex technical accounting issues, such as expected credit losses or asset impairment. This reduces ambiguity and ensures consistency in financial reporting practices, which is vital for stakeholders to understand a company's financial position accurately.

“In a dynamic landscape of regulatory change and vigilant oversight, accountants are expected to produce high-quality reports in a shorter timeframe while complying with all standards and regulations. Equipping oneself with the proper, user-friendly tools becomes paramount in successfully steering a business,” comments Áine Hearty, Partner, IFRS and Capital Markets Leader at EY Luxembourg.

Practical examples and best-in-class interpretations to guide professionals

Written by EY financial reporting professionals from around the world, IGAAP® 2023 is a comprehensive resource for the profession. It offers a global perspective on applying IFRS and is specifically designed to help finance and accounting professionals in understanding the complexities of reporting under these standards. The guide uses practical examples, illustrations, and extracts from the published financial reports of major listed companies worldwide, making it easier for readers to grasp and implement these standards effectively.

“By monitoring the activities of accounting standard-setters and regulators, EY has the knowledge needed to provide best-in-class interpretations and technical insights relating to accounting, financial reporting and regulatory filing. Making IGAAP® available to all, by sharing our insights with both clients and non-clients for free, is a way to improve accessibility for the broader professional community,” adds Áine Hearty.

To promote sustainability and reduce its carbon footprint, a digital-only distribution model has been adopted. Optimized for mobile devices, it is accessible anytime and anywhere through the free version of EY Atlas Client Edition, which also provides access to other IFRS accounting thought leadership from EY teams (e.g., Applying IFRS and IFRS Developments) in one central, easy-to-navigate platform.

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