Saumur for sale, more shake-ups in city nightlife

Will Joya and its new nightclub take advantage of the imminent sale of Saumur Crystal Club?  (Photo/Design: Maison Moderne)

Will Joya and its new nightclub take advantage of the imminent sale of Saumur Crystal Club?  (Photo/Design: Maison Moderne)

Saumur is about to be sold while Joya reopens with a late night restaurant, and Peacock could become the new favourite of clubbers. Freshly reopened from the pandemic, nightlife in the capital is turning heads and making waves.

Part of some of the most affected sectors by the covid crisis, the clubs and cabarets of Luxembourg's capital don’t seem to be satisfied with a simple reopening but would much prefer to be the subject of rumours and discussions between those who enjoy the city's night life.

Saumur about to be sold

Saumur Crystal Club, an emblematic club and strip club in the Gare district, is about to be sold. "The official formalities have not yet been finalised, but I can tell you that the establishment will have new owners by next month," said current owner Erik De Toffol, who did not wish to give any further details before the transaction is completed.

Although the venue has been popular since it reopened, the kitchen and the first floor have remained closed, prompting rumours over the establishment's future. A new page for this staple in Luxembourg's nightlife will be turned in the coming weeks. At the same time De Toffol remains at the helm of several other venues in Luxembourg, including the very popular Partigiano and Pop-up Hertz.

Joya opens a late night restaurant

A stone's throw from Saumur on Avenue de la Liberté, "rival" club Joya reopened its doors last week. The establishment had remained closed since the first lockdown. At the same time, Joya has added a restaurant, open from 7pm to 3am and serving Italian cuisine. The Carpini group (Matese, Rusticana, Dogado) runs the establishment. 

The menu includes "tortellini in brodo", a typical pasta dish, which will undoubtedly bring back sweet childhood memories to many locals and Italian expatriates, and which will undoubtedly attract them to the establishment.

Peacock, the capital's new nightlife darling

If you ask any proper clubber over 25 where to party and dance at the moment, the answer is almost unanimously Peacock! But what's behind that name? It's actually a 'club within a club', located in Gotham and run by the same team. It was created as a legal "speakeasy" when the bars (but not the clubs) reopened after the first lockdown.

Today, the place has been enlarged and redecorated; it is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 10pm to 3am, and can accommodate about 100 people. The cocktail menu is quite good, and there are local and international stars behind the decks. However, beware: given the growing popularity of the place, you'd better try to get in early or have a booked table, as capacity is quickly reached, especially on weekends.

One more for the road...

Finally, one last solid rumour has made its way to our ears: the Milady cabaret, located at the corner of Rue du Fort Neipperg and Rue de Bonnevoie, should be taken over by well-known figures of Luxembourg's nightlife by the beginning of 2022. And it's fair to say that, despite its apparent dilapidation, the establishment shows great potential with just a bit of renovation work needed. Another spot to keep an eye on!

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