Central bank seeking euro note design advisors

Up for redesign. Photo credit: Ibrahim Boran/Unsplash

Up for redesign. Photo credit: Ibrahim Boran/Unsplash

Luxembourg’s central bank is recruiting experts to help craft the look and message of euro bank notes.

The Luxembourg Central Bank (BCL) is looking for experts to serve on a consultative committee for the creation of new euro notes.

The European Central Bank is forming the Theme Advisory Group, which will propose and review themes and designs for future euro notes. The BCL, along with central banks across the euro zone, are selecting candidates to submit to the ECB.

“The TAG will be composed by experts with known and recognised high level expertise in different fields (e.g. history, arts, technology, social sciences),” the BCL said on 6 September. “The group should also represent a wide range of demographic groups (in particular age and gender) and should be able to connect to the young generations.”

The BCL said the role will take a total of roughly 10 working days over several months starting in November 2021. Travel expenses will be covered. The application deadline is 8 October. For more information or to apply, contact [email protected]