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China Cultural Center opens in Luxembourg

Various business leaders, political figures--like president of the Chamber of Deputies Fernand Etgen, as well as other familiar faces on the evening of 8 November, attended the inauguration of the China Cultural Centre in Luxembourg. 

It took four years between conception and completion--due to pandemic-related delays--but the China Cultural Center in Luxembourg finally was able to invite its first guests on its premises on 3, boulevard Joseph II in Luxembourg City. Coinciding with the 50th anniversary year of diplomatic relations between Luxembourg and China, the centre held an inaugural event featuring Chinese art and culture, as well as a photographic exhibition.

The inauguration on 8 November “was a big success,” the centre’s director Zhang Jing told Delano. “We were so pleased that so many people came to the ceremony and the concert afterwards.” 

The centre will soon be accessible, “hopefully in a month,” said Zhang. “We want to welcome everybody in Luxembourg no matter where they’re from and what their background is to visit us.”

An agreement between the Chinese and Luxembourg governments, the centre “has a mission to bring Chinese culture and Luxembourg culture together, to have more exchange and understanding in the future,” said Zhang.  Through events, concerts, a vast library of Chinese books, courses and seminars, the centre hopes to help residents of the two countries understand each other.