CHL hospital only hiring vaccinated staff

The Centre Hospitalier du Luxembourg in the capital Photo: Romain Gamba

The Centre Hospitalier du Luxembourg in the capital Photo: Romain Gamba

The Centre Hospitalier du Luxembourg (CHL) is only hiring staff who are vaccinated, the hospital’s director said on Wednesday, despite there being no obligation in the grand duchy to get the jab.

France in July moved to make the vaccination against the coronavirus mandatory for healthcare staff but no such rule exists in Luxembourg.

Unvaccinated healthcare workers signing a job contract risk damaging their patients’ health, CHL director Romain Nati told Radio 100,7. The hospital has decided to demand a vaccination certificate from any new hires. However, Nati acknowledged that applicants could take the matter to court since there is no law in Luxembourg mandating the vaccine.

Unvaccinated staff already working at the hospital are being moved into services where they do not interact with patients, the CHL director said further.

Around 17% of care staff remain unvaccinated, Nati said, while all doctors have received their inoculation.

“We know that last year in September/October, covid numbers rose substantially. Nobody can tell us that this won’t be the case this year,” he said, adding that the hospital is using the summer to prepare for a potential next wave of infections.

The government in its latest virus update on Tuesday said 15 people are being treated in hospital for complications caused by a coronavirus infection. Another six patients are being treated in intensive care.

In total, 371,611 people are fully vaccinated in Luxembourg. The health ministry last month launched a vaccination bus to visit nursing and care homes as well as hospitals to allow staff who have not yet received the jab to get vaccinated without the need to schedule an appointment.