New strategy 

Combating domestic violence still a priority for government

The three ministers came together to present new strategy to combat domestic violence.  Photo: Ministry of equality between men and women

The three ministers came together to present new strategy to combat domestic violence.  Photo: Ministry of equality between men and women

Taina Bofferding, the minister of equality between women and men (MEGA), Sam Tanson, minister of justice and Henri Kox, minister of internal security on 12 November presented  the new government strategy strengthening domestic violence victim protection. 

Bofferding, during the event, highlighted that “domestic violence is a widespread phenomenon in our society. It concerns all communities living in our country and all social backgrounds. Although we have a well-developed aid and assistance system, such as the 2003 law on domestic violence, the Luxembourg government has the ambition to improve and complete the measures in place and to define concerted actions within the framework of a global strategy". 

Kox emphasised that "it is essential to prevent as best as possible the phenomenon of domestic violence, which is constantly evolving and which, due to its complexity, presents itself in different ways. The police play an essential role in prevention. Strengthening its workforce as well as improving the intervention measures in place is vital to combating the phenomenon at its root.”

The three ministries will strongly collaborate to adapt the 2003 Domestic Violence Act and make psychological assistance for perpetrators mandatory. In terms of assistance, Red Cross initiative Riicht Eraus will be responsible for the counselling and rehabilitation of perpetrators, and a new victim support service will be created. 

MEGA will intensify its information and awareness-raising actions on the existent platforms, such as violence.lu, and work closely with professionals who may encounter domestic violence victims, e.g., medical staff, NGOs, or governmental organisations in the field. When it comes to prevention, innovative projects – prevention theatre with l'Ecole du théâtre, "Violentomètre", "E Schrëtt géint Gewalt"- will contribute to raising awareness and inform the wider public. 

Sam Tanson announced that a new information service will be made available to victims. For example, the prison release of their perpetrators will be announced. New dispositions will address new forms of cyber-violence. An electronic bracelet will gradually be introduced to "guarantee the protection of the victims, which is both a preventive and a deterrent measure, to prevent the situation from escalating. The victim will feel more secure and can more easily begin the process of resilience and reconstruction,” says Tanson.

The monitoring system will be complemented by the specialised psychological unit and could be used as an evaluation tool by judicial authorities. 

Furthermore, the ministry of internal security will set a specialised psychological unit within the grand duchy police and organise specialised training for police, civil servants, psychologists, and social workers better to identify victims, perpetrators, and persons at risk. The first phase of the extraordinary 2020-2022 police recruitment plan has already found corresponding profiles that can add value to the combating domestic violence strategy.