Enovos-Enoprimes programme

Communes offer energy saving kit to residents

The kit can be collected free of charge by households who have received a card from their commune. Photo: Paperjam

The kit can be collected free of charge by households who have received a card from their commune. Photo: Paperjam

Some 30,000 households will be able to benefit from an energy saving kit being distributed by some 18 municipalities that will help reduce water, heating and electricity consumption.

What if you could save up to 3,706kWh, 59m3 of water and 329kg of COevery year? This is the promise made by an energy saving kit, calculated on the average consumption of a four-person household.

Eighteen participating municipalities have signed up to distribute the kits, which are put together and financed by the Enoprimes programme.

"The main consumption items in a household are heating and hot water production, so we took care to select efficient and easy-to-install elements that do not require any specific knowledge or tools and that generate immediate energy savings," explains Jérôme Imhoff, energy efficiency manager at utilities supplier Enovos Luxembourg.

The box contains a dozen items designed to reduce water and electricity consumption: a flow meter bag, a shower flow regulator, two faucet aerators and a shower hourglass. The kit also includes three LED light bulbs, a room thermometer, a roll of insulating sealant for doors and windows and an adhesive doorstop.

18 municipalities

The distribution of the kits is planned in 18 municipalities in Luxembourg, whose residents have been or will soon be informed of the withdrawal procedures. Eleven of these municipalities have already started the action, including Niederanven, Colmar-Berg, Mamer, Dudelange, Tandel and Clervaux, Schieren, Weiler-la-Tour, Ettelbruck, Hesperange and Diekirch. Mondorf-les-Bains, Contern, Préizerdaul, Frisange, Steinsel, Schuttrange and Steinfort will follow suit.

"Several other municipalities have already expressed their interest," adds Jérôme Imhoff. In total, the operation should affect 30,000 households, he adds.

The cost of the operation has not been disclosed, but "we estimate that the final financing will amount to several hundred thousand euros".

The operation is integrated and financed by Enoprimes, the subsidy programme created in 2015 by Enovos. It is responsible for paying out grants to individuals, companies and municipalities that undertake work to improve the energy efficiency of their infrastructure.

This article was originally published in French by Paperjam and has been edited and translated by Delano.