Court rejects complaints over CovidCheck at work

The government wants to make CovidCheck in the workplace mandatory next week Photo: Maison Moderne

The government wants to make CovidCheck in the workplace mandatory next week Photo: Maison Moderne

A Luxembourg administrative court has rejected complaints by four state civil servants who were barred from their workplace for failing to provide a valid CovidCheck certificate.

The government in November allowed companies and public services to introduce the CovidCheck system in the workplace, meaning employees must provide a vaccination, recovery or test certificate.

The measure is set to become mandatory for all employers next year under plans presented by the government on 29 November.

Four civil servants had filed complaints for being denied access to their workplace. They said they face possible disciplinary measures over unexcused absences as well as a pay cut of up 30% in addition to the cost of getting regular tests.

The court rejected the claims as part of an accelerated procedure, saying the claimants did not suffer serious or definitive disadvantage and that the outcome of disciplinary procedures and other claims made were hypothetical.

The CGFP, LCGB and OGBL labour unions had voiced their support for the complaints. Unions had largely criticised the government over leaving it up to companies and public services whether or not to introduce the measure and dealing with the fallout.

Prime minister Xavier Bettel (DP) on Monday said talks would be held with employer and employee groups on making CovidCheck mandatory and how this will be implemented.