Criminal records are now available for download from MyGuichet  Photo: SIP

Criminal records are now available for download from MyGuichet  Photo: SIP

While it has been possible to request a paper copy of your criminal record via the MyGuichet platform since 2013, the document is now also available in digital format.

Criminal records can be picked up in person or requested via MyGuichet, from where a paper copy is sent by mail.

But authorities can now supply a digital copy that individuals can print at home or use as a pdf file. The document is equipped with a QR code, allowing recipients to verify its authenticity using the GouvCheck mobile application.

This application works like the CovidCheck application that has been in use since June this year to scan coronavirus vaccination, test and recovery certificates.

People requesting a copy of their criminal record can still receive a paper version if they wish.

More than 52,000 criminal record copies were requested via MyGuichet so far this year, making up a large part of the 227,000 requests since the platform started offering this service in 2013.

The government in September said that it wants to make via MyGuichet after the pandemic drove demand to handle administrative procedures online.

The number of requests processed rose 146% between August 2021 and the same time the previous year, with 2.6m administrative processes transmitted.

This includes, for example, requests for pandemic business support. Excluding digital errands linked to the pandemic, use of the site was still up 40% during the first eight months of 2021 compared to last year.

The MyGuichet application was downloaded around 150,000 times. Among the most requested services were scheduling large-scale testing appointments but also requests for criminal records and applications for student financial aid, the government said, adding that the number of services offered should rapidly grow in the future.