Czech national day

Czech embassy: 100 years of diplomatic relations

On the occasion of the Czech National Day, the embassy organised a celebration at the Pierre Werner house, where it is based. Together with Škoda Luxembourg, the embassy celebrated 100 years of diplomatic relations and 30 years of Škoda in Luxembourg. 

The Czech embassy and 150 guests were celebrating on Thursday 20 October the Czech national day at the embassy in the Pierre Werner house in Luxembourg. For the ambassador Vladimir BärtlVladimir Bärtl, who started his tenure in 2020, it was its first national reception. He said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Luxembourg partners for their open and direct cooperation. As a temporary resident, I would like to thank the Luxembourg administration for dealing with the pandemic over the past two years, and for not giving up.”

The ambassador and the Confrérie du chant traditionnel opened the reception by singing the Czech and Luxembourgish national anthems, followed by the Ukrainian anthem. Bärtl said: “Given that Ukraine is not fully liberated within its original borders, we would like to give a symbolic support for this heroic nation that has stood up and is fighting for the European values it believes in.”

We have a special bond with the grand duchy.
Vladimir Bärtl

Vladimir BärtlCzech ambassador to Luxembourg

The embassy organised this event with the Czech automobile manufacturer Škoda, which was celebrating its 30th anniversary in Luxembourg. Simon Schories, brand manager of Škoda Luxembourg, also talked about the brand's future position in Luxembourg. 

As the celebration was about the 100 years of diplomatic relations between Luxembourg and the Czech Republic, Bärtl underlined the historical connections between the countries. “We have a special bond with the grand duchy,” concluded the ambassador.