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Déi Lénk appoint new party leadership

Marc Baum, pictured in 2021 with his successor in parliament, Nathalie Oberweis Photo: Romain Gamba / Maison Moderne

Marc Baum, pictured in 2021 with his successor in parliament, Nathalie Oberweis Photo: Romain Gamba / Maison Moderne

Former member of parliament Marc Baum will take over leadership of déi Lénk’s coordination office, the left-wing party’s executive committee.

Baum joined the Chamber of Deputies in 2016 and was re-elected in the 2018 elections. Together with party’s other MP, David Wagner, he made way for Nathalie Oberweis and Myriam Cecchetti, who were sworn in in May last year. The move was part of the party’s rotation system, which routinely sees MPs swap mid-way through their mandates.

Baum will now effectively take on the party’s presidency by becoming the chair of its coordination bureau, the equivalent of an executive committee. Carole Thoma and Gary Diderich will remain the party’s spokespersons. Thessy Erpelding will be deputy president and treasurer.

The party in April elected a new national coordination team. This now includes 38 members and is chaired by Wagner, who also stepped down as an MP last year after first being appointed in 2015.

Sanem town counsellor Patrizia Arendt serves as co-president of the committee, which takes political and financial decisions for the party throughout the year.

The committee is elected by all party members and in turn votes for the coordination bureau.

The changes to the party’s two leadership committee come ahead of the 2023 elections, when Luxembourg heads to the polls twice--once in June for local elections and then again in October for national elections.