Focus on US-Luxembourg business

Delano launches second international supplement

Delano’s international supplement is available on newsstands across Luxembourg as of 16 September Maison Moderne

Delano’s international supplement is available on newsstands across Luxembourg as of 16 September Maison Moderne

Delano’s second international supplement features US Ambassador to Luxembourg Thomas Barrett on the importance of transatlantic cooperation. 

Thomas BarrettThomas Barrett shares his thoughts on current geopolitical tensions, the importance of burden sharing in defence and the need for a strong transatlantic alliance.

Also in this supplement: 

·      A special dossier on the strength of the Luxembourg-US network, including interviews with Nicolas Fermaud, head of the Elvinger Sàrl New York-based office; gener8tor Luxembourg’s managing director Menachem Tabanpour and Lunar Outpost EU CEO Julian Cyrus; 

·     A conversation with Luxembourger Isabelle Steichen on boosting her Lupii brand through new partnerships and diversification strategies;

·     Cargolux CEO Richard ForsonRichard Forson shares trends that will feed into the outlook for Europe’s largest freight-only operator in a highly volatile market;

·     Three questions to economy minister Franz Fayot Franz Fayot (LSAP) on preparations for the Osaka 2025 world expo;

·     Global economic forecasts for 2023 from Paul Wurth CEO Georges RasselGeorges Rassel and Banque de Luxembourg Investments chief investment officer Guy WagnerGuy Wagner; and more.

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