Delano Live: Getting creative with NFTs

What makes non-fungible tokens special and what are the most creative uses of NFTs?

Those were the questions put to Biba Homsy, founder & partner at Homsy Legal, at the Delano Live event on Thursday evening. She is one of Luxembourg’s leading fintech lawyers.

The defining characteristic of NFTs is that they are related to something specific that has value for a particular person or organisation, Homsy said. NFTs have individual prices. That is different from fungible tokens, such as cryptocurrencies, that have the same market price for everyone.

Crafting collectables is one of the most popular creative use of NFTs, she said. But Homsy was most keen on the use of NFTs to buy, sell and manage property in the metaverse. That is the space she is watching.

Delano Live

The event marked the launch of Delano magazine’s November 2022 print edition, featuring a cover interview with Grand Duchess Maria TeresaGrand Duchess Maria Teresa on how the Stand Speak Rise Up! association gives a platform to the victims of sexual violence in wartime.

Each edition of Delano Live features live on-stage interviews with people and on topics covered by Delano magazine, but with a fresh perspective, along with a networking cocktail.

Delano Live: Getting creative with NFTs” was organised by the Paperjam+Delano Business Club, sponsored by ING and held at Zulu in the Rives de Clausen.