Delano’s Expat Guide 2022-2023 is available on newsstands across Luxembourg as of 15 July Maison Moderne

Delano’s Expat Guide 2022-2023 is available on newsstands across Luxembourg as of 15 July Maison Moderne

Whether you’ve relocated for work or love, it can be a challenge getting up to speed and fully integrated in the grand duchy. The Delano Expat Guide can help.

From how to find zero-waste shopping to advice for handling tricky cross-border issues, some answers may not be so obvious for the freshly-landed expat.

Delano’s annual Expat Guide provides tips, advice and recommendations from fellow expats and tuned-in locals, for both newcomers and long-standing expats alike.

It covers six main areas of interest: settling in, daily life, childcare & family, professional life, personal finance and leisure time, along with listings for useful contacts and organisations for each section.

This year’s Expat Guide also includes a portfolio with eight ambassadors to Luxembourg, who share their favourite places in the grand duchy in a more informal setting; a calendar of top events for each season; as well as a city and country map. The guide--which additionally includes a guest editorial by Kneip CEO --was written by the Delano team: , , , , , , , and . This year’s listings include inputs by fact-checker and the Paperjam + Delano Guide team.

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