Delano’s Top of the Week: breast cancer in men and younger women

Ara City Radio’s Tom Clarke and Delano’s Aaron Grunwald, 31 October 2022. Photo: Ara City Radio

Ara City Radio’s Tom Clarke and Delano’s Aaron Grunwald, 31 October 2022. Photo: Ara City Radio

To close Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Delano’s Aaron Grunwald spoke with Ara City Radio’s Tom Clarke about some of lesser known breast cancer patients. And they shared some Halloween suggestions.

Monday was the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One group that is sometimes forgotten when talking about breast cancer are men and younger women.

As Delano’s Tracy HeindrichsTracy Heindrichs recently reported, men represent less than 1% of breast cancer cases, which is probably why they aren’t typically targeted by information campaigns.

Women under 50 represent 21% of breast cancer cases. About 5% of breast cancer cases in Luxembourg affect women under 35.

For more information about breast cancer, check out Think Pink’s website.

Listen to Aaron Grunwald and Tom Clarke here:

Halloween events

The segment included several recommendations for Halloween, both family-friendly and adult-oriented events, which were put together by Delano’s Lydia Linna and Sonal Bhadoria.

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