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Delano’s Top of the Week: Tory party leadership race and Luxembourg elections

Duncan Roberts in the Ara City Radio studios Ara City Radio-Maison Moderne

Duncan Roberts in the Ara City Radio studios Ara City Radio-Maison Moderne

Ara City Radio’s Monday morning slot featured Tom Clarke and Duncan Roberts talking all things politics as the UK awaits its next prime minister and Luxembourg politicians position themselves ahead of next year’s elections.

Tom Clarke welcomed Duncan Roberts into the studio on Monday morning for the regular Delano’s Top of the Week slot on the Ara City Radio breakfast show.

Their conversation focused on politics as the Conservative Party in the UK elects its next leader following the resignation last week of prime minister Liz Truss. Tom and Duncan discussed the declaration by former prime minister Boris Johnson on Sunday evening not to enter the leadership contest and the likelihood now of former chancellor Rishi Sunak becoming the leader of the party and head of government.

As Luxembourg premier Xavier Bettel pointed out last week, when he said “I hope I can recall how many British PMs I’ve survived”, Luxembourg has a much more stable government and system of electing prime ministers than the UK. Indeed, the next incumbent at no.10 Downing Street will be the fifth prime minister since Bettel took office in 2013. Duncan explained that Luxembourg, by contrast, has had just three prime ministers since 1984.

In Luxembourg, with parliamentary elections just one year away in October 2023, the political parties have already started jockeying for position among the electorate, and the three coalition partners--the DP, LSAP and déi Gréng--have publicly shown their differences in the past few weeks surrounding Xavier Bettel’s state of the nation speech.

Tips for the week

As usual, the Top of the Week slot also provides listeners with some “what’s on” tips for the coming week. This week Duncan picked the Arch Summit technology conference at LuxExpo, the concert by whistle genius Molly Lewis at Rotondes (for which we still have tickets to give away), and the mini-festival of Korean film at Ciné Utopia and the Cinémathèque.

Duncan’s music pick for this week was Under No Nation by eclectic Swedish band Goat from their new album Oh Death, which Tom then added to the nominees for the Ara City Radio track of the week poll. 

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