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Boyd van Hoiej, pictured, arrived in Luxembourg at the age of 21 Romain Gamba

Boyd van Hoiej, pictured, arrived in Luxembourg at the age of 21 Romain Gamba

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Celebrating 20 years in the grand duchy, film critic, festival curator and president of the Luxembourg Film Fund’s selection committee Boyd van Hoiej arrived at the age of 21 when his “better half”, photographer Fabrizio Maltese, landed a job here.

Boyd grew up in the Netherlands and did his International Baccalaureate in the UK, then graduated from university in history of art and classical studies. His first taste of journalism was with a local newspaper at the age of 14 after a letter to the editor “basically insulting them and saying that they had nothing for kids my age” landed him a job.

In Luxembourg, work as production manager at the now defunct Tango TV lasted a couple of years before he launched himself fully into freelance journalism. Support from Fabrizio gave Boyd a “safety cushion” and it was not long before he started writing reviews for trade daily Variety. “I would do all the big festivals--Cannes, Venice, Berlin and Karlovy Vary and Locarno.” Often, Fabrizio would be working the same circuit. Boyd enjoyed the pressure of quick deadlines, but when Variety changed hands, he jumped ship during the 2013 Cannes festival to rival Hollywood Reporter.

Here in Luxembourg, Boyd was asked to join the Film Fund selection committee that decides which projects will receive direct financial support for production. “A lot of people think that I got the job because I’m a critic. But what interested them was the ability to read and analyse screenplays… and at the time I was working for a company in LA, giving script notes.”

And, ask what style of film he most enjoys, and he has a ready-prepared, succinct answer. “My favourite genre is good movies.”