15 roadkill in one day


Autumn and winter are the times when commuter traffic coincide with travelling times of wild animalsPictured: a pack of wild boarPicture credit: Linda Tanner 

On Monday 30 October, the police recorded 15 car accidents related to wild animals, twice the average of a usual day.

In autumn and winter, rush hour coincides with dawn and dusk, the time when wild animals, such as deer and wild boar, are especially active. There are around 1,200 accidents with wild animals per year in Luxembourg.

These encounters with wild animals can lead to just a few scratches on the car to irreparable damage. Most, but not all insurance policies cover these accidents.

Luxembourg police have warned drivers to take care when driving at these times. It has issued several guidelines for drivers:

  • Drive slowly when there are signs for drive hunts and deer crossings on the road
  • Take care when driving through forests or along fields
  • Always count on there being more animals, as they live in packs
  • If you see an animal on the road, brake, honk and flash your lights
  • If a collision is inevitable, brake as strongly as possible, keep the steering wheel straight and do not perform any evasive manoeuvers
  • If you have hit an animal, secure the area (light the warning lights, wear your yellow vest, set up the safety triangle) and inform the police.

You can find the times of drive hunts here.