The main applications used to verify the authenticity of a CovidCheck certificate (Photo : ING Luxembourg )

The main applications used to verify the authenticity of a CovidCheck certificate (Photo : ING Luxembourg )

Meng Loft (my air), rolled out by the Environment Agency, offers real-time information about the outdoor air quality in Luxembourg. The app shows you a geolocated index that is adapted to the environment in which you are located. This Air Quality Index (AQI) is calculated from the concentrations of three air pollutants - ozone (O3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and fine particulate matter (PM10) – measured at the different air metering stations around the country. It informs you of an air level ranging from 1 (excellent) to 10 (terrible). Level 4 suggests that the air quality is good enough, but more sensitive people may find their health impacted. Level 7 reflects a very poor air quality in which even healthy people may feel affected. Depending on the index level, the app provides recommendations in English for staying healthy, based on your level of sensibility.

Since summer 2020, new functionalities have been added. You can now receive real-time alerts in the event of ozone spikes at the national level and/or if a station on the measurement network exceeds the chosen AQI.

The Santé.lu app from the Ministry of Health brings together the most relevant information from the portal, such as health alerts, on-call services (emergency services of on-call hospitals, on-call pharmacies, on-call medical homes, on-call dentists, on-call veterinarians) and emergency numbers (Poison Control Centre, SOS Distress, etc.). You can also test your vaccination coverage, view the three life-saving gestures in the event of a cardiac arrest, download the passport of life (organ donation) and discover DispoDocPatient. This application allows you to locate the general practitioners available in your immediate vicinity in real time, even outside normal opening hours. Santé.lu is only available in French.

With GouvCheck, developed by the Government IT Centre (CTIE or Centre des technologies de l’information de l’État), you can authenticate an official document issued in Luxembourg and using a QR code. By scanning the document with this app, you can check if the QR code is valid and if the data match those displayed on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. The GouvCheck QR code is available on most official documents, including building permits, criminal record certificates, electoral roll registration certificates, fishing licences and residence certificates.

The, also developed by the CTIE,has dual functionality. Firstly, it allows the 112 (Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corp) to issue alerts on major incidents. You can also contact the emergency number 112 directly through the app. Calls to 112 through the app automatically include a geotag, so the emergency services can locate your call and respond as quickly and accurately as possible. Secondly, you can receive alerts through notifications (local or national) on your smartphone when there is an emergency or a state of crisis that impacts public safety. The app also provides information on what to do in emergencies and on various emergency action plans.

In addition to providing police information (news, calls for witnesses, prevention messages, vacancies, etc.),the app informs you directly and quickly in the event of a crisis thanks to the notifications and requests your support in the event of the disappearance of a person or the search for a suspected perpetrator. It also includes useful functions. The “My Safe” function allows you to store key data (photos, invoices, etc.) of your valuables in one place. If your valuables are stolen, you have all your data at hand and can easily transmit them via e-mail to the police officer when filing the complaint. You do not waste time and facilitate the work of the police officers thanks to a complete file. The “E-Call” function allows you to contact the National Intervention Center 113 while being geolocatable for 113 operators. With the "Chat" function, you can send a text message to 113 if you are unable to speak on the phone. The app also allows you to find the nearest police station, includes traffic information and provides access to the e-Police Station if you want to file a complaint online in case of theft. is available in four languages: English, French, German and Luxembourgish.

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