A man is tested for covid-19 at Lux-Airport Matic Zorman/archives

A man is tested for covid-19 at Lux-Airport Matic Zorman/archives

According to a government statement, the phase, which runs until March 2021, will build on the results of the first programme while being more flexible to expand in times of need.

Further details on the strategy are expected to be revealed in a press conference planned for 24 September. But the ministry said that it should allow for “a more precise population coverage than in the first phase and therefore a more efficient reactivity in case of worrying epidemiological evolution.”

50% participation

During the first phase of testing, some 1.5 million invitations were sent out to people who live and work in Luxembourg. Of that number, 560,082 tests were carried out of which 307,751 were on residents. This was equivalent to roughly 50% of the country’s resident population.

Before the start of phase II, a phase I extension period was put in place throughout the summer period in order to monitor the evolution of the virus during the summer months, with a focus on the return from vacations, professions particularly linked to the summer period (Horesca, seasonal workers) or the start of the school year.

According to the latest health ministry figures on 14 September, Luxembourg conducted 117 tests for every 100,000 inhabitants. On Sunday there were 565 active infections and 6,555 instances in which patients had recovered.