7 covid test centres to close until September

7 covid testing centres, including P&R Bouillon, pictured, will be closed until September Romain Gamba

7 covid testing centres, including P&R Bouillon, pictured, will be closed until September Romain Gamba

In a press release issued on Tuesday, the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) said after the first phase of mass testing ended on 27 July, it would take up the reins until the second testing phase begins in September.

“Testing will be done in a more targeted manner to respond to the specific needs during the holiday season,” it said.

As a result, the following seven stations will be closed for the holiday season:

  • Asselt/Roedt (Ersange)
  • Dippach/Greivelsbarrier, N5
  • Junglinster P&R
  • Machtum/Grevenmacher, N10
  • Tandel/Bleesbrek, N17 (Diekirch)
  • Niederanven/Roodt-sur-Syre, N1
  • Howald P&R, CR231


Testing will continue at the following stations:

  • Schieren/Colmar, N7
  • Parc Hosingen
  • Bouillon P&R, Luxembourg-Hollerich
  • Raemerich roundabout car park
  • Adenauer car park, Luxembourg-Kirchberg
  • Frisange
  • Steinfort P&R
  • Bommelscheuer industrial zone, Bascharage
  • Rotondes, Luxembourg-Gare

According to the LIH, during the first phase of mass testing, the country tested up to 16,000 people per day. According to the latest figures published by the health ministry, there are 1,407 active coronavirus infections in Luxembourg. To date, covid-19 has killed 113 people, with one additional death recorded from Monday to Tuesday.

A negative covid-19 test no older than 48 hours is required for travel to certain countries, including Germany and the Portuguese islands of Madeira and Les Azores. Instructions on how to book a free tests for travel can be found via guichet.lu