Aldi to switch to 100% natural refrigerants

The move will impact all 16 Aldi stores in Luxembourg SG9LU/archives Maison Moderne

The move will impact all 16 Aldi stores in Luxembourg SG9LU/archives Maison Moderne

In 2016, Aldi found that 17% of its total CO2 emissions in the grand duchy were due to synthetic refrigerant leaks (in refrigeration and freezer units). 

Aldi announced that all of its stores located in Luxembourg, 16 in total, will use a natural CO2 cooling system by 2030. The 100% natural refrigerants are more environmentally friendly, having thousands of times lower impact on climate in the event of leakage problems, thus eliminating the need for synthetic refrigerants, also known as fluorinated gases.

The discount store company had already taken steps to counter emissions by a few hundred tonnes, using roof solar panels, low energy lighting, as well as heat and rainwater recovery systems--plans on taking things up a notch.

This article was originally published in French on Paperjam and has been translated and edited for Delano.