Applicants for police force vacancies



Luxembourg’s police force is recruiting 607 officers until 2023 with 800 applicants having filed their candidacies for the first round of vacancies. 

At the end of last year, 200 posts were advertised with 100 people from within the police force applying for a transfer in addition to 700 external applications. Only Luxembourg nationals are eligible for the jobs.

Candidates will be tested for their French and German language skills as well as undergoing a general aptitude exam, physical fitness test and psychological assessment.

The successful recruits will start their two-year training programme in April this year.

The next recruitment drive will begin next autumn, with the aim of counting 3,300 police staff by 2026. This compares to 1,900 police officers and 400 civilian staff in July 2020.

In addition to the police officer posts, there will be 240 civilian jobs available within law enforcement until 2023, around 80 new hires per year.