Arts platform: Helping women stand out from the crowd

Charlotte in Red team from left: Gabriella Moya, Patrizia Luchetta and Ana Pierucci Charlotte in Red

Charlotte in Red team from left: Gabriella Moya, Patrizia Luchetta and Ana Pierucci Charlotte in Red

Three entrepreneurs are launching a video platform for women artists to boost their exposure at a time when the web has become their main stage.

Charlotte in Red will go live on 1 March when the first of a series of monthly videos will be published on YouTube and on the platform’s website.

“Now that the web has become your main stage, it's very difficult to stand out,” says artistic manager and collective co-founder Patrizia Luchetta. “We want to open spaces for female artists... spaces which will be accessible to the broader public and which will support both national and international artists through a unique online experience.”

The project began in 2020 when pandemic measures brought an almost complete halt to live dance and music performances. Before then, women were already massively under-represented in the arts, says Luchetta. Through her research she found that women artists made up just 14% of Luxembourg exhibitions from 2008 to 2018, and they counted for a quarter of resident choreographers in domestic and international companies. As for the film industry, Luchetta said that men outnumber women 5:1.

By creating a specific platform, the three women wanted to contribute to building a more empowering narrative for women artists, be they performers, painters, photographers or sculptors, and show a different side of Luxembourg. “We'd like to do this kind of videos with them to show that Luxembourg is not just a place where people come and go, but we can actually capture some of the essence of what's happening here,” said Luchetta.

The first artist to be featured on 1 March will be Portuguese singer and songwriter Fabia Maia, a video for which the trio shot in 2020. She will be followed in April by animator and artist Tanja Majerus, who has worked on the Simpsons, and then in May dancer and choreographer Jill Crovisier. The videos, which include behind the scenes footage and interviews, are shot by director Ana Pierucci who, along with Gabriella Moya, makes up the team.

Named after Luxembourg’s iconic red bridge and its most-popular female figure Grand Duchess Charlotte, the brand “Charlotte in Red” sums up the project’s goal: to build bridges between female artists, spaces and the public.

Luchetta said: “The initial feedback was positive. So now it's up to us to prove that we can certainly contribute to something with this project.”

The project is currently financed by the trio, but in the medium-term, they aim for the project to be self-financing through sponsorship and government grants.

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