Aurora to supply Lux medical cannabis

Luxembourg is the seventh European country Aurora Cannabis has exported plants or products to Shutterstock

Luxembourg is the seventh European country Aurora Cannabis has exported plants or products to Shutterstock

Luxembourg’s health ministry has placed its first order for 20 kilos of medical cannabis with main supplier Aurora Cannabis.

The European subsidiary of the Canadian firm stated in a press release on 6 December that it had begun its first shipment of high-grade dried cannabis flower to pharmacies in Luxembourg. It said the grand duchy was the seventh European country to which it had exported plants or products to help meet growing patient need and demand.

On 28 June 2018, Luxembourg unanimously voted into law new legislation enabling patients being treated for specific conditions to use cannabis-based medicines. The drugs would be available upon prescription from hospital pharmacies.

However, therapies containing low levels of the psychoactive THC and high levels of cannabidiol, (CBD) used to manage pain, have been available for several years in Luxembourg through tolerated online market places. And, there are currently thought to be around half a dozen physical shops selling CBD products in the grand duchy.

The aim of regulating this market is to ensure an effective dosage for patients suffering from chronic pain, nausea or vomiting caused by chemotherapy or muscle spasms related to multiple sclerosis.

At the time the law was passed, pro-medical cannabis campaigner Dr Jean Colombera raised concerns it was too conservative in its scope. It could be that the list of diseases covered in the legal framework will be expanded to include conditions like HIV, pending a government review.

The announcement from Aurora, may also come as a blow to small-scale CBD producers in Luxembourg, like Cannad’Our, in Kolbach.