AWCL talks integration, Lux media with Delano

Dogs are a great “icebreaker” for newcomers who want to meet their neighbours.

That was one tip shared by a member of the American Women’s Club of Luxembourg at a meeting this week, which featured a roundtable talk with Delano staffers.

Members of the Delano editorial team Aaron Grunwald and Natalie Gerhardstein spoke about the magazine, recent news headlines in Luxembourg, and shared some recommendations on favourite activities and acclimating to life in the grand duchy. It was also an opportunity for Delano journalists to hear about the topics and types of information that AWCL members would like to see covered by Luxembourg media.

Club meeting

The event was the AWCL’s twice yearly general assembly. Meryl Kearns, in her second year of her term as club president, told the meeting that “membership numbers are sky high at this time.” The AWCL counts roughly 260 members, but only 38% are American, Kearns stated. The remaining 62% is made up of 40 different nationalities. The club is “so diverse, so international,” she said, which is the “intriguing thing about us.”

The club’s mission is to help newly arrived and longer term foreigners assimilate into life in Luxembourg, Kearns said. She noted that the AWCL started a career support group last year, to help members get into the Luxembourg job market. In the coming year, they will provide a course on obtaining Luxembourg citizenship.

The group is likewise involved in philanthropic activity, such as the “Gifts for kids” programme, which delivers toys to children living in shelters for St Nicholas Day.

The club’s 2019-2020 budget was also formally approved during the meeting on Wednesday.

The American Women’s Club of Luxembourg is on Facebook.