Be realistic about salary and cost of living

Emilie Bavant Matic Zorman

Emilie Bavant Matic Zorman

As mentioned elsewhere in this section, there are some misconceptions about Luxembourg out there.

As much as we dislike being the bearers of uncomfortable news, it is important to be realistic. On paper it may seem that salaries in Luxembourg are high, but the cost of living here is also high. So, when you are looking for a job, it is best to set realistic salary expectations.

Emilie Bavant of the recruitment firm Badenoch & Clark feels quite strongly about this. “Before you start job hunting, it is important to check out websites with information about salary ranges and cost of living to set expectations,” she told Delano.

Public portal www.luxembourg.public.lu, for example, talks of a high minimum wage but doesn’t mention the equally high minimum rent for accommodation or the eye-wateringly high purchase price of houses and apartments. We suggest you keep up to date with atHome for accommodation, and state statistics office Statec for economic/cost of living news (although it can be a bit heavy).

Luxembourg is, without a doubt, a great place to live with an excellent quality of life, but it is not free.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, this is why we recommend that you contact a reputable, Luxembourg-based recruitment company. They know the market and employers and can help you stay real in terms of living and working in Luxembourg.

Bavant added: “Don’t send your CV everywhere thinking it will give more visibility to your profile. It is counterproductive. Apply only for jobs that match your profile.”