Cars dominate transport, Eurostat figures show


Passenger cars represent the lion’s share of ground-based transport in Luxembourg, per Eurostat. Library picture: Matic Zorman/Maison Moderne 

Automobiles were used for around four-fifths of ground travel in Luxembourg, according to recent numbers from Eurostat.

The EU statistics agency said that 82.9% of passenger-kilometres for inland journeys in 2018 were taken by passenger car.

Eurostat released the figures on 16 September. Inland journeys include road, rail and maritime passenger traffic, but exclude air travel.


Luxembourg’s automobile usage was dead level with the EU27 average. Lithuania (90.4% of non-air passenger-kilometres), Portugal (88.4%) and Slovenia (86.4%) had the highest rates in the bloc. The lowest percentages were recorded in Austria (77.1%), Slovakia (73.9%) and the Czech Republic (73.3%).


Trains accounted for 4.7% of Luxembourg ground travel, compared to 7.9% across the entire EU27. The highest rates were found in Austria (12.9%), the Netherlands (11.2%) and France (10.3%), while the lowest were in Lithuania (1.1%), Greece (0.9%), and Cyprus and Malta (both 0%).

Motor coaches

Bus, coach and trolley bus usage in Luxembourg made up 12.4% of inland journeys, higher than the EU27 average of 9.3%. The highest rates were observed in  Hungary (20.8%), Cyprus (18.9%) and Malta (17.5%), while the lowest were in Sweden (7.2%), France (6.4%) and Germany (5.8%).