CHL closes covid-19 ICU after patient numbers drop


Staff at the CHL medical complex celebrate the closure of its dedicated covid-19 intensive care subunit, which had 13 beds, 18 May 2020. Photo: Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg 

The standalone ward opened in March in response to the coronavirus outbreak. But the number of covid-19 hospitalisations and the need for intensive care beds have rapidly declined over the past couple of weeks.

CHL tweeted on 18 May:

“Two months after the admission of the first covid-19 patient into intensive care in Luxembourg, we are now closing our covid-19 subunit. The past few months have been very emotional, with the need for rapid and continual adaptation by the entire medical and care staff.”

The hospital then stated:

“We would like to thank all the people who have shown patience and discipline during the confinement. It is thanks to everyone’s efforts that our admitting capacity was never exceeded, accounting for an intensive care mortality rate much lower than what has been reported in other countries.”

CHL wrote:

“We will remain vigilant in the coming months and will be ready in case of a second wave.”

The hospital told L’essentiel, a newspaper, on Monday morning that it currently only had one covid-19 intensive care patient, who was being treated in an isolated room.