Circular economy citizen space kicks off with info session

Illustration photo shows young people inside a Fablab Fablab Luxembourg

Illustration photo shows young people inside a Fablab Fablab Luxembourg

Curious tinkers, repairers and creative people can check out the third FabLab, a centre focused on encouraging the public to find circular economy solutions to life’s challenges.

The Cyber‘n’Ethique Fablab opened within the Facilitec incubator at 37b rue de la fontaine, in Esch-sur-Alzette, at the end of March.

Project leader Sébastien Kanarek has been developing the site since September 2020 to help enable members of the public to develop their own technological innovations. The centre is founded on the principles of citizen empowerment and digital independence.

In parallel to its digital and design tools of the FabLab, there will be a supply of wood and DIY tools available, and the possibility to learn how to repair and build projects through collaborations with associations and individuals.

“In order to build a circular economy favouring reuse and waste limitation, it is necessary to create places that offer the public self-production, transformation and repair services. The FabLab is a tool adapted to this vision,” said Kanarek.

Fablabs are workshops that aim to open access to tools for creativity for all.

The Cyber'n'Ethique Fablab will host co-programmed thematic workshops from May/June 2021, if the health situation allows it. There will be a physical information session on 21 April at 6pm.

To participate or find out more, email [email protected]