Confinement guide: Shopping

Find answers to questions related to shopping in Luxembourg during the coronavirus confinement period Shutterstock

Find answers to questions related to shopping in Luxembourg during the coronavirus confinement period Shutterstock

Delano will update this page with the latest announcements related to shopping in Luxembourg during the coronavirus containment period.

All non-essential shops were closed on 16 March as part of measures to mitigate the spread of coronavirus.

On 20 April, home improvement and gardening stores reopened their doors again.

On 11 May, all shops, hair and beauty salons (by appointment) and cultural institutions reopened with strict restrictions. Further details on the restrictions can be found here.

When entering a store or any space that brings you within two metres of another person not from the same household, you must now wear a face protection to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This can be a scarf or a mask. Further details on masks and mouth coverings can be found here.

Stores may also apply controls on the number of people entering a shop.

Online shopping

If you are ill, immune compromised or don't have the time to queue to enter a store, there are a number of online shopping alternatives.

Some communes are offering shopping services for the most vulnerable residents. Contact your commune to find out if you qualify.

There are several online shopping alternatives:

Corona.letzshop.lu offers home delivery on more than 40 basic necessities for vulnerable people, defined as aged over 65, with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, cancer, or compromised immunity due to disease or therapy. Orders can be placed online or by calling 8002 92 92.

Wholesaler La Provençale now offers a drive service for orders of food and non-food items placed online.

Grosbusch, another Luxembourg wholesaler offers baskets of fresh fruit and vegetables through its [email protected] scheme.

Gourmetto delivers Italian-inspired foods to people's homes.

Letzshop.lu is the e-commerce platform for shops in Luxembourg. Shoppers can find anything from clothing to electronics, food and drink and books.

The Now Act Local Association (Nala) has created a platform for verified companies in Luxembourg to sell their wares online.


Restaurants and bars are closed, however many offer home delivery take-away services. A number of such businesses can be found on the government platform

Other similar platforms include:








Postal services are still operating. Post offices are open Monday to Fridays but closed on Saturdays. Opening hours have been adapted and some postal sales outlets have been closed during the coronavirus confinement period. Visit the Post website for the latest information.

Luxembourg residents can also register to take advantage of the Post's Packup service which allows for 24/7 collection of parcels (at stations not installed indoors).

Can’t find what you’re looking for here? Check out the government’s Frequently Asked Questions section.