Courts during covid-19 crisis: statutory time limits paused


The central courthouse complex in Luxembourg City, 23 March 2020. Photo: Matic Zorman/Maison Moderne 

The justice ministry said, however, that any delays could not contravene Luxembourg’s constitution or international law.

Administrative courts

The government introduced an indefinite extension of the statutory time limit to file administrative complaints or appeal administrative rulings, except for immigration and asylum cases.

Civil and commercial law

Pre-trial filings for civil and commercial cases, procedural deadlines in all bankruptcy cases and succession cases, and the time limit for contesting or appealing judicial decisions have been suspended.

The deadline to file birth notices within 5 days and the requirement to publish marriage banns have been suspended.

Evictions from residential properties are frozen.

Companies have a three-month extension to posting annual accounts and related reports that were due starting on 18 March.

Criminal and correctional matters

During the state of emergency, applications to district and appeal courts will be judged only on written pleadings, which can be filed electronically. Defendants, their lawyers and prosecutors will not appear in court.

Prison activities and visits have been limited.

The government’s decision took effect on 26 March.