The sports retailer wants to further expand in the grand duchy with plans for a store in the north of the country already in the making. Photo: Romain Gamba 

Not just Decathlon, but Decathlon City: the concept is resolutely urban with a focus on services, small equipment and textiles, as well as soft mobility solutions.

The new 630m2 store in the Royal Hamilius complex on rue Aldringen is spread over two storeys. The shop conveniently features a bike repair station, a racket stringing service and a small gym space where workout classes can be held once health measures allow. 

The store is resolutely phygital–-combining physical store with a digital offer--with an electronic pick-up station for orders placed online, but also screens that present products and customer evaluations.

"If we want to show our entire range, we need a 10,000m2 store," explains Stefan Schins, Decathlon’s development director. The brand has therefore opted for a physical Luxembourg shop, coupled with a website, which makes it possible to place an order and have it delivered either to an address in the grand duchy, or in the city shop. 

Already strongly established in France, Decathlon opened a store in Arlon, Belgium, at the end of 2015, which has since attracted a flow of Luxembourg customers. The brand was expected, as evidenced by its presence in the Top Brands 2020 classification unveiled last December, where it was placed above local brands Asport and Citabel.

According to Karine Blanc, head of the new Decathlon City, "We are complementary to a niche that was not occupied until now in Luxembourg." Although she says that "there is room for everyone in the market”, she believes that the strength of her brand is the pricing: “Local brands have great products, but it is rather divided in terms of prices."

Decathlon does not in any case intend to stop there and aims to open a second shop in the north of the country."I hope to open as soon as possible, but we are careful with everything that happens," says Schins, adding that there will be an evaluation phase before taking action. 

This article was originally published in French on and translated and edited for Delano.