Decline in women holding board seats in Luxembourg



In its 6th  Women in the Boardroom survey released on Monday, Deloitte reports “a now-familiar challenge: women are largely under-represented on corporate boards, and progress to change this trend continues to be slow”. 

Women held 16.9% of board positions in the 8,648 companies in 49 countries that were surveyed, according to the report. That represents growth of just 1.9% since the last edition of the report in 2017. The figures for women holding board chair positions were more striking at 5.3%, and females held just 4.4% of CEO roles globally. 

In Luxembourg, “the number of board seats held by women declined by nearly 3 percent”, according to the report. A total of 33 women--or 12%--were counted in the 36 companies Deloitte analysed in the grand duchy. In those same companies, there were zero female CEOs. 

According to Deloitte, the highest percentage for women on boards in 2018 was in manufacturing (17.5%), followed by technology, media and telecoms (14.3%) and financial services (6%).