Delano Live: Employment trends for 2020 and beyond

How is new technology being utilised for recruitment? What trends will affect the future of the workplace? That was the topic at this week’s Delano Live event.

Duncan Roberts, Delano’s editor-in-chief, who moderated the panel, said:

“The way we think about work and the way we are recruited for work is going to change drastically in the next five to ten years.”

While headhunters have changed how they work, they remain as busy as ever, panellists stated.

For example, Géraldine Hassler, head of people & culture, KPMG Luxembourg, talked about the use of gamification:

“What we have done now, as this new generation [in their 20s] they were born with gaming. So we have a 45 minute test that they can do in the bus, at home, whenever they want, anywhere they are, on their mobile, on their PC. It’s a game-based assessment. It’s nine games…. What they are doing is to link with the competency framework that we are looking for.”

Darren Robinson, managing partner, Anderson Wise noted that millennials are searching for a different work culture, but that has not changed the fundamental task of recruiters:

“[For] the career paths of the younger generation, we are informed, of course, the strict vertical hierarchies are not necessarily of interest anymore. And I think for the recruiter … I don’t think there are too many changes. We just need to ensure that we’re identifying the right motivations, regardless of what sort of roles they are interested in taking, what type of career path they’re taking. We just need to make sure that we are asking the right questions, to make sure that we understand the right motivations for them.”

Both panellists agreed that automated technologies such as chatbots are improving and will aid the process, for both recruiters and jobseekers, in the coming years.

Each edition of Delano Live features live on-stage interviews with people and on topics covered by Delano magazine, but with a fresh perspective. That’s followed by an open-bar and a bit of networking.

Delano Live is organised by the Paperjam Club and sponsored by ING.