Delano Live: The retail wine business

What does it take to run a wine shop? What are the biggest challenges, the rewards and what’s the outlook for the retail wine trade in Luxembourg? That was the topic at this week’s Delano Live event.

Despite the glamourous side of the business, marketing is a major challenge, according to the panellists.

Our guest speakers on Tuesday evening were:

Betzen said during the panel talk:

“We are pretty small, so size is an issue. For those that are here and run a small business, those are the same obstacles that you have [elsewhere in] Luxembourg. Overhead is pretty high. [But] the sole biggest challenge for us is marketing.”

And then:

“How do you get that information out to your customers? How do you get prospective new customers? In this day and age, we have to cover so many different avenues of marketing, be it social media, be it written media. You have to kinda be present a little bit everywhere.”

Tabourin stated:

“Four years ago we opened a shop in the city centre. The advantage of having a shop in the centre is that people see you. Physically. I have to admit, that’s the best marketing you can do.”

He later said:

“It’s very important for us also to know what are the new tendencies, like, for example, natural wines, the wines without sulphates”.

To close the panel talk, each wine expert shared three lesser known vintages they recommended the audience sample.

Christian Betzen at Amcellars:

Guy Tabourin at Vinoteca:

Listen to the full panel talk (25 minutes):

See video highlights:

Each edition of Delano Live features live on-stage interviews with people and on topics covered by Delano magazine, but with a fresh perspective. That’s followed by an open-bar and a bit of networking.

Delano Live is organised by the Paperjam Club and sponsored by ING.