Delano Live: Women in the Luxembourg fund industry

That was the topic of the “Delano Live” event on Thursday.

Panellists shared their perspective on the positive points and what needs to change, and what would get more women into the higher ranks in the sector.

Speaking on the panel:

  • Steen Foldberg, managing director at Aberdeen Asset Management
  • Vanessa Grüneklee, head of investment management and distribution change at Schroders Investment Management
  • Sophia Karlsson, head of business development at DNB Asset Management
  • Susanne Schartz, COO at Seqvoia

The panelists agreed that there was indeed a glass ceiling in the financial sector, particularly surrounding staff taking family leave.

At the same time, women were encouraged to take more proactive steps to break through the middle ranks.

Men, too, need to be part of the solution, they said. But the panel had mixed views when it came to quotas.

Listen to the full discussion:

Watch video highlights:

Each edition of Delano Live features live on-stage interviews with people and on topics covered by Delano magazine, but with a fresh perspective. That’s followed by an open-bar and a bit of networking.

Delano Live is organised by the Paperjam Club and sponsored by ING Luxembourg.