Doctor faces ban over virus claims


Photo: Flickr user Dr. Farouk (CC BY 2.0) 

A Luxembourg general practitioner faces a one-year ban from practicing medicine over claims he spread misinformation about masks and vaccines and violated the profession’s code of ethics. 

The Luxembourg medical college, an oversight committee, launched an investigation against general practitioner Benoît Ochs after patient complaints. The verdict is expected on 14 July.

Ochs is a contributor to Expressis Verbis. The group says it wants to contribute to open and transparent debate about the pandemic but has been widely panned as a platform for coronavirus deniers.

In a June video, the doctor said he is neither pro nor anti-vaccine but described himself as being cautious. Ochs cited a book by French physician Didier Raoult, who came under scrutiny during the pandemic for promoting hydroxychloroquine against covid-19 despite scientific evidence against its use.

Ochs’ prescription of some medicines against the coronavirus is among the topics investigated by the disciplinary committee, RTL reports. A lawyer for Ochs said he had always acted in the best interest of his patients.

The committee is also assessing whether Ochs said masks were toxic, which the doctor denies, explaining he spoke in the context of faulty masks in Belgium being found to contain dangerous nanoparticles.

Ochs has a right to appeal the decision reached by the disciplinary committee.