From 19 to 23 August, some 28 children aged up to 12 participated in games, sports, arts and handicrafts, all of which were organised by the Dutch school NTC. The goal of the school is to help them improve or maintain their Dutch language skills.

“We try to do all kinds of stuff so they are able to practise,” NTC coordinator Jojanneke de Jong told Delano. “It doesn’t feel like practice because we’re all having fun together.”

Founded in 2002, the NTC also hosts after school classes on Tuesday afternoons where young Flemish-speaking Belgians and Dutch people can boost their language levels so they can settle back into school life in their home countries, should their families leave Luxembourg.

“Half of the parents go back to the Netherlands at some point. For a lot of people here the most important is education,” de Jong said.

The summer school focused more on learning through having fun and this year organisers took the young people to the Parc Merveilleux and on a trip to the fire station. The week ended with a show for parents and the Dutch ambassador to Luxembourg.