Employers could get social insurance extension


The social security minister, Romain Schneider, introduced (with the LSAP labour minister Dan Kersch) a bill that would give employers more time to settle social insurance dues. Pictured: Romain Schneider is seen addressing the Chamber of Deputies, 5 December 2017. Photo credit: Chambre des Députés 

Under the draft legislation, sickness benefits would be paid directly by the National Health Fund (CNS) until the end of June.

Secondly, the bill would give employers an extension on paying social insurance contributions until the end of 2020 without accruing a penalty.

Two-thirds of employers have already paid social insurance charges on time, Romain Schneider, the social security minister (LSAP), told the parliamentary social security committee on Thursday.

The measure was forecast to cost €38m a month, or €100m for three months of the state of emergency. The CNS reserve fund will handle part of the expense, but the government will nevertheless have to inject cash to cover the cost.

Schneider told MPs that the government will conduct a review of all spending on temporary social measures, including the expense of emergency family leave during the lockdown.

The committee named Mars Di Bartolomeo (LSAP) rapporteur of bill 7582.