Ernest Pirsch, pictured, is the only candidate for the presidency of the Luxembourg Federation of Craftsmen. Photo: Ernest Pirsch 

Registrations closed, since Monday, 28 June and the Federation of craftsmen (FDA) received only one candidate for its future presidency according to current holder Michel Reckinger: that of Ernest Pirsch, already vice-president and director of the garage of the same name. The latter should replace Reckinger, who is leaving his seat to devote himself to the Union of Luxembourg Companies (UEL).

The majority of the 30 or so voters still have to approve Pirsch’s candidacy at the General Assembly. This will be held on Thursday 1 July. Michel Reckinger was confident that the vote would be in his favour.  “We are very happy. Ernest Pirsh comes from the mechanical engineering sector. With all the challenges for its decarbonisation, its electrification... It is clearly a sector that needs a strong federation,” he said.

Pirsch said that “there are difficult times for every sector”. After “two mandates as vice-president”, he intends to “continue on the path” begun with Michel Reckinger and “continue the battle to be heard at the political level”. This is for him particularly important during the current economic crisis from which “no-one comes out unscathed”. He said that he intends to defend the crafts sector with strength and to seek solutions to help people working there.

This article was originally published in French on It has been translated and edited for Delano.