Eurofins hit by ransomware attack



Eurofins Scientific, a Luxembourg-based food, pharmaceutical and environmental testing lab, took some of its IT systems offline after being hit a ransomware attack over the weekend.

The company said that it appears no data was stolen, but customers may experience “potential temporary disruption or delays to some of its services.”

In a press release issued on 3 June, Eurofins stated that:

“…its IT security monitoring teams detected a form of ransomware which caused disruption to some of its IT systems. Upon detection of the issue, according to our incident management procedures, many systems and servers were taken off line by the group’s IT teams to contain the activity of this new version of malware. Eurofins IT staff and their internal and external IT security teams and experts took immediate steps to mitigate the impact and are working hard to return the IT operations to normal in the companies of the group that have been affected. At this time there is no evidence of unauthorized transfer or misuse of data.”

The company further stated that it was:

“…installing additional protections against this new variant of malware which were received over the weekend and restoring affected systems from backups after appropriate security verifications.”

Eurofins did not give a timeline, but said the upgrades could take “some time” to implement.

As of this writing, the company has not returned Delano’s message seeking comment. However, The Register, a tech industry news site, said on Monday that it spoke with:

“… a flustered rep in the IT department. We were told that no further information was forthcoming because ‘we are having issues right now’.”

The company said it has “about 45,000 staff in more than 800 laboratories across 47 countries” and conducts about 800m safety tests annually. The company was founded some 32 years ago in France and relocated its corporate headquarters to the grand duchy in 2012.